Grade 7

Welcome to the 7th Grade Webpage!

This is where we will post general 7th grade information, as well as links to each teacher's individual website and email address.

2023-2024 Seventh Grade Supply List 

                “Must Haves” for All Classes: 

Pencils need supply for entire year (lots)  

Eraser Tops

Pencil Pouch

Colored Pencils

Dry Erase markers

Basic Calculator


Wired Headphones Or Earbuds-NO AIRPODS/WIRELESS 

1 Pkg of lined paper 

2 - 1” Heavy Duty Binder - Science/History 

2 - 1.5” Heavy Duty Binder ELA/Math 

6 - Folders 3 Hole punched (6 different colors)

3 pkg - 5 Tab Dividers

We will set up binders together on the first week of school


-4 boxes tissues

-Clorox/ wet wipes